Sourcing from traditional or non traditional sources, our modern API driven platform connects you to data, fast


Easily deploy AI driven risk models, or advanced PD based ratings – built internally or supported by our data scientists or from third parties


Modular, service oriented architecture enables rapid deployment and ability to readily integrate with supporting systems. Support for both cloud and on premises deployment

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We give our clients the most advanced Data Driven, Cloud Native, AI enabled and Distributed digital platform for lending, mature and purpose built to operate at scale with full automation.

Operate at Scale

We have processed over $100 billion in loans to date and are trusted by financial institutions and businesses across four continents. Our end to end digital lending solution has deep experience and has performed strongly at scale.

Data-Driven Risk Management

The millions of online credit decisions made by our solutions integrate massive amounts of data from banks, telco, utilities and other sources for deep insights in credit decisioning.

Intelligent Automation

Reduce operating cost and human error by fully automating credit decisioning, fund routing and collections with definable parameters and 24 by 7 monitoring and exception handling

Rapid Launch

Combining extensive lending practice know how, service capabilities in data analytics, risk modelling and third-party system integration, we can help you revolutionise your lending practice quickly.


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