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We are the enabler of digital finance

We are a leading independent fintech solutions provider dedicated to offering tailored solutions for Buy Now Pay Later, Consumer Loan, Business Financing and wealth management. We have an established technology + service enablement business model to help partners facilitate transformation to digital finance, increase product competitiveness and customer value efficiently and effectively.

As a practical solutions provider, we not only furnish clients with the latest technologies and products, but also empower them to enhance technological and professional skills to generate remarkable economic benefits.


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Key Team Members

Nicholas Davies

Founder & CEO

27 years of experience in commercial banking.
Nicholas holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Finance from the University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Bonds University. Worked for National Australia Bank, Standard Bank London.

Pavel Dvorak

Lead Architect / CTO

20+ years of enterprise software system design, implementation and delivery.
Pavel has advanced European degree and research background in electronics and applied AI. Long-term professional focus includes creation of new business opportunities and value with cutting-edge technologies.

Tony Chan

Vice President

10+ years of experience in building and deploying advanced technologies to drive tangible business outcome.
Tony holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School, as well as two bachelor’s degree from Monash University. He is a Member of the AICD. Worked for several leading ICT service providers, including Telstra and Pactera.

Victor Li


20+ years of experience in information technologies.
Victor holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne, and both Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology. Worked for Pactera Technology, Telstra Corporations.


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