Credit Value Maximiser

Integrated tool to manage high-value and complicated commercial and corporate loans

CVX is a platform that provides all features needed by a non-retail lender to originate and manage a relationship. It has been architected so that any vendor or legacy solutions can be integrated into the platform, providing a seamless and efficient experience. The platform comes with a comprehensive range of features to help financial institutions in the origination process.

Product Features

Profile Single repository to capture client information including company information
Financials Ability to work with relevant Chart of Accounts to various segment types
Facility Creation of new credit limits across a full range of lending products
Collateral Creation of collateral, assignment of collateral on a many to many basis and recording of guarantee structures
Covenant Creation and monitoring of covenants with pre-defined conditions and trigger points. Automoated creation and monitoring enabled leveraging the comprehensive data set in the platform
Analysis Recording key information and lender analysis to enable decision making and maintain records
Rating Probability of default based rating calculations integrating financial data, qualitative inputs and behaviours
Pricing Risk based pricing at facility, entity and group measure with market driven insight and strategy application
Workflow Drag and drop to create loan approval and review workflows, including activities, decision gates and documentation requirement

Product Advantages

  • Capable of complying with bank-level policies and procedures, as well as stringent regulations
  • Integrated tool to manage complex loans to improve productivity and reduce loan approval lead-time by over 30%
  • Designed to deliver optimal User Experience
  • Highly configurable with standardised APIs for integration
  • Reporting and analytical capabilities for credit value maximisation

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