Data & Analytics

Advanced data capabilities for credit and investment risk control and insight generation

Data is the single most important aspect of digital lending and digital wealth management. It fuels the intelligence behind automated workflows, risk management and helps meet changing customer expectations. Accurate decision making and Artificial Intelligence all depend on data you can trust. Our comprehensive experience in delivering meaningful business intelligence around credit and investment risk to financial institutions can get you faster to market and reduce your project risk by leveraging our know-how and technical expertise.

Service areas

Data management consulting Let us help you with your data strategy and planning by leveraging our know-how in dealing with internal and third-party data
Data flow management Connect and manage a vast amount of internal and third-party data sources of different origin to populate the data pool required to generate intelligent risk models
Data engineering Turn raw data into clean and quality data with assigned features so they can be accurate and useful
Data analytics & reporting Create powerful risk models and operational insights from data through aggregation of data features and in-depth analysis, modelling and reporting
Data monetisation Meaningful data is extremely valuable so let us help you clean, process and implement monetisation mechanisms it so you can take it to market
Bigdata enablement AI-enabled intelligent risk models are reliant on the ability to process and analysing a vast amount of data and data variables, let us deliver the bigdata capability you need to scale and grow your data capabilities

Our Advantages

  • Managing over 50 alternative data sources and worked with more than 10,000 different data features
  • Experience dealing with third-party data covering a population of 1 Billion
  • Capability in delivering systems handling 150,000 credit applications, which generations 200 million variables a days

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