Credit Risk Management

Get the most important decisions right and minimise risk

Getting your credit decision right is the most important thing to a lending business. With 9.6 Billion value in loans generated through risk models and management processes we’ve designed, we can help you in this critical task by identify risks in the process of loan application, loan review, credit adjustment, credit granting and cash withdrawal.

Service areas

Identity verification assistance Implement necessary tools and measures to detect incorrect information and anomaly with identity verification for registration, Material verification for loan application and abnormalities identification.
Credit decision suggestion Construct visual report to show the credit status and fraud risk level of applicants through custom developed credit scorecards
Anti-fraud protection Our graphical database technology can quickly identify gang fraud within complicated networks through deep learning and complex neural network modelling technologies
Feature Labelling Turn data into features with distinguished labels, then categorise and aggregate based on distinct characteristic groups for better modelling
Customised risk model development Develop risk models specific to its environment and business scenario by leveraging our proven systematic model development methodology and monitoring practices for continuous improvement.

Our Advantages

  • A team of 30 scientist across the globe to assist with risk modeling
  • 9.6 Billion value in loans generated by our lending solution, with a <2% loss rate through the use of alternative data
  • Experience dealing with third-party data covering a population of 1 Billion people
  • Processed 30 million lending applications to-date
  • Increase loan approval rate by 15% while maintaining the same loss rate using InfraRisk machine learning algorithm. Gain the further 5% approval rate though implementation of scorecards based on alternative data

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