Asset Centre

Integrated core module for user, asset and financial management

Asset Centre is the core system for loan management and servicing. It manages the entire application and loan cycle from origination to loan closure, enabled by asset management, financial management and user management modules. Asset Centre delivers the necessary features required for full financial asset lifecycle management, including central management for payment, credit limit, cost of capital, repayment plan, user blacklist, account reconciliation, profit distribution and other operational management capabilities, in addition to messaging, contract management, smart user support and other supporting capabilities.

Product Features

Loan Application Management A drag and drop loan application workflow management tool with pre-defined workflow tasks including automated decision, manual review gates, identity verification, fraud detection and other functions which is required during loan application. The application supports calls from HTML5, native mobile app and WeChat Micro apps via API, and can be customised to accommodate other type of scenarios. In addition, the system supports operational reporting, automated loan review, approval and payment release.
Fund Routing Functions to provide intelligent funding source selection, online contract execution and payment release
Asset Management Provide users with a tool capable of configuring repayment plan, rate arrangement, asset ownership and more. From an operational perspective, the tool automatically generates information around rates and repayment details, contract, asset lifecycle log, debt transfer record and other relevant information based on user setting, which can be exported for reconciliation.
Financial Management Capable of handling different business models, the module provide users with business logic management tool and calculation modules used in facilitating profit share and reconciliation. Main features include automatic calculation of loan & repayment data aggregation, financial data reporting by segment and category, and supports top level summary reporting as well as itemised info reporting with export function.
User Management: provide institutions with a highly customisable user management tool, including unique identification definition, existing credit limit, backlist, user segmentation group. Data from operations is automatically categorised and stored, allowing users to conduct meaningful analytics and user management tasks.
Asset Securitisation Provide users with tools to securitise loans in different stages, features include security packaging, filtering, characteristic analysis, security product design, product info management, pricing estimation, product subsisting enquiry, asset redemption management, asset swap, product closure, reporting and parameter control. It enable users to professionally and dynamically manage securities for various purposes including asset adjustment and confirmation.
Data Analytics and Reporting A standardised and multi-faceted reporting tool allowing users to capture of daily asset snapshots and perform backtrack against the entire operation. It enable users to monitor and analyse key performance statistics and provide users with holistic and micro-segment view on business performance, so timely decisions can be made against risk, profitability, liquidity and more.

Product Advantages

  • Seamless integration with front-end technologies including HTML5, mobile app and WeChat micro apps.
  • User friendly interfaces and intuitive controls
  • Automatic generation of asset attributes per user setting for reconciliation
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting with parameter alarms for timely business decision

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