Data Studio

Powerful data access and data feature management

A powerful unified data management module with advanced big data capabilities. The module can manage a vast amount of connections to structured and unstructured data sources, then automatically compute and store data into recognisable features for future risk analysis by data scientists.

Product Features

Data Source Management Designed to work with third-party data sources and accommodate connection policies. Continuous monitoring for data source stability
Data Aggregation Enabling the rapid on-boarding of data source and access configuration for data aggregation through plug-in management
Data Aggregate Storage Storage, backup and versioning of data aggregates to be called by other modules and backtracking
Feature Computation Automatically turn data into features based on predefined algorithms, capable of identifying and handling exceptions
Feature Algorithms Management Edit and update automation scripts against their respective feature on the UI instead of command line
Computation & Call Record Store and manage feature computation records and call records for investigation and backtracking
Automated Feature Extension Provide automated feature extension and variable selection capabilities and effectiveness comparison

Product Advantages

  • Supports connection and data aggregation to a wide range of data sources, including credit bureau, basic demographic, travel history, telecommunication, social media, eCommerce & consumption, web browsing, geo-location, access channel and more
  • Data aggregation done in isolation and does not impact other data sources
  • Internal connection done via normalised APIs to remove variance in different data sources
  • Various configurable policies for data connection management and supports auto-switchover between data sources on the same dimension
  • Effective data acquisition cost reduction by tagging data aggregation with validity period and sequencing data call flow
  • Complete edit and update algorithm-based automation scripts for feature computation on GUI and apply them in real-time
  • Provide feature set aggregation capability for simpler use
  • Fully automated feature computation according to pre-defined workflow
  • Features can be cached and a validity period defined

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