Decision Engine

The decision engine driving automated assessment

System functionality spans into risk strategy, risk modelling and risk policy deployment for pre-loan to post-loan stages. Its seamless integration with applications allows differentiated decisions to be taken subject to asset type and channel in addition to diversified decision paths to be taken against a single asset type. The core engine provides a full-fledged business policy design tool and supports performance simulation against models. A risk professional can easily define complicated business rules with just clicks and drag & drop, giving the ability to deploy models without the need for coding, thus achieving rapid model deployment and complete control over risk management as required by financial institutions.

Product Features

Online Model Trainer Single platform for modelling with 50+ pre-defined model algorithms with recommendation; manual adjustment on logistic regression
Model Management Manage model lifecycle from training to testing and deployment, including status display and computation log.
Model Performance Monitoring Real-time monitoring of system level model execution as well as on key business performance indicators
Risk Policy Configuration Fully customisable risk policy and process configurator, supports decision tree & table, scorecard, decision flow and other methods
Decision Management Manage version-controlled decision plans, including testing and multi-layered commissioning approval process, plus full decision log
Decision Performance Monitoring Real-time track and report performance of each decision plan, including key risk indicators such as approval rate

Product Advantages

  • Quick and straight-forward automated model training online via interface instead of code
  • Perform scheduled or real-time model deployment with automated testing and the ability to switch off or between models
  • Custom monitoring parameters with the ability to manage risk and update model against performance when required
  • Complete and manage all risk management configuration online with no more coding
  • Pre-defined risk management templates consolidating and sharing experience for a variety range of lending business scenarios
  • Perform scheduled or real-time decision plan commissioning with automated testing and the ability to switch off or between plans
  • Ability to compare the difference and performance of varied versions of the same decision plan for optimisation

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