Robo Advisory

End-to-end, intelligent and personalised wealth management system

A market tested, mature robo-advisory product for global asset allocation denominated in local currency leveraging quantitative models, machine learning and cloud computing. Our solutions include multiple functional products such as robo-advisory, fund supermarket and smart investment & research to provide efficient services for institutional clients.

Product Features

Customer segmentation & analysis Through capturing user demographic, questionnaire on behaviour & financial related queries, the system can automatically suggest portfolio based on risk appetite and investment objective
Inclusion of asset classes Supports 15 major global asset types and the ability to run daily portfolio adjustments, analytical method includes traditional quantitative investing model such as Markowitz, and machine learning decision tree and random forest
Portfolio construction Selection of the best portfolios through advanced algorism to ensure investors are aligned with risk appetite
Trade execution Simplified trading with one-click purchase & sell, top up and targeted purchase
Rebalancing Automated rebalancing based on portfolio risk adjustments
Analysis Put investors in control with multi-dimensional portfolio analysis, including historical return, future prediction, asset monthly reporting, attribution analysis
Market intel Display of personalised market intelligence information stream called via API

Product Advantages

  • Combated system with 5.8 Billion invested via our wealth management solution
  • Seamless integration with front-end technologies including HTML5, mobile app and WeChat micro apps.
  • Achieved maximum Compound Annual Growth Rate of 17%
  • Coverage to 15 global asset classes
  • Back test of model running 24 by 7 reduces human risk by 99.9%
  • Increase margin by up to 3% with trading cost reduction with continuous optimisation of trading accuracy

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