Alternative Risk Scoring Solution

Enhance your responsible lending practice with alternative risk scoring

Enable your institution to develop and optimise credit & risk models leveraging alternative data from a wide range of data sources, including data from utility, telecommunication and eCommerce platforms. Conduct better credit assessments by having alternative credit scores available alongside existing scores and get higher loan performance and better responsible lending practices.

Alternative Credit Score recommendation for retail lending operations
Alternative Credit Score Report for Credit Bureau

Why Work With Us

  • Specialization in credit model with alternative data, having connected over 50 alternative data sources and worked with more than 10000 data variables
  • Combated technologies, processed over 30 million online credit applications
  • End-to-end capability delivering an integrated and seamless engagement experience
  • Modularised solution and know-how experience allowing service go live within weeks
  • Bank-standard security and compliance
  • Flexible deployment, both on-premise or in a public cloud

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