Business Financing Solution

Give your corporate and commercial lending practice the competitive edge with lower cost, better margin income and improved governance

An intelligent and fully featured solution for managing complex loans, from origination to on-going monitoring and review of loan performance. We provide leading banks and financial institutions system facilitating corporate lending activities through templated and configurable workflows, decision gates and triggers, as well as loan-level, client-level and portfolio-level integrated el performance monitoring, and reporting capabilities, fully in compliance with local regulation. By leveraging our system, financial institutions gains efficiency improvements across a range of metrics including lower cost to income ratios, increased fee and margin income as well as improved governance.

Corporate Lending
Commercial Real Estate
Bank to Bank Lending
Floorplan Finance

Why Work With Us

  • Industry experience with templated system configurations, tailored towards the different needs of banks and financial institutes
  • Single repository for client information and loan documents
  • Fully in compliance with local regulation
  • SaaS enabled system, up running in days with per-user pricing
  • Easy system integration with API driven framework
  • Bank-standard security and compliance

Success Stories


Helping Toyota Finance manage complex commercial credit activities across 2 continents and with 1700 dealers since 2015.


Providing NAB, one of the largest banks in Australia with commercial credit service capabilities for 6000 business bankers since 2011.

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