Consumer Financing Solution

The most advanced AI-enabled digital lending platform, purpose-built for scale with automation

Launch your retail lending business in weeks by leveraging one of the most advanced solutions in the market with full fledged risk assessment capabilities, loan origination, loan management and collection features. Designed to be fully automated and operated with minimal human intervention and real-time monitoring, we enable you to focus on the important task of optimising loan performance rather than administrative tasks. Integration with websites, mobile apps and legacy systems is made easy through a full suite of APIs. Come talk to us and see how you can be up and running with assistance from our solution experts and risk specialists.

Unsecured Personal Instalment Loans
Unsecured Payday Loans
P2P Lending Marketplace
Secured Automotive Loans
Mortgage Loans
SME Loans

Why Work With Us

  • 9.6 Billion value in loans generated by our lending solution, with 6,900 applications processed per day
  • A one stop shop with end-to-end credit process management capability
  • AI-enabled business workflow automation completing loan decisions in seconds, not weeks
  • Drag & drop risk policy deployment and model performance forecasting
  • Real-time performance monitoring and default risk prediction
  • Combated technologies with anti-fraud, processed over 30 million online credit applications
  • Bank-standard security and compliance

Success Stories


Assisting United Overseas Bank with automated microfinancing platform, servicing businesses across South-East Asia.


Enabling its wage-on-demand services to help applicants get their earn wages anywhere, anytime, and spend on anything they want with any merchants.


AI-powered digital lending solutions to help 3 million underbanked Aussies get loans quickly and efficiently.


Provided I&G Guaranty, the largest guarantee company in China with an end-to-end consumer financing solution. 1.2 million loan applications processed and approved to date.


Assisting Xiaomi with instalment loan capabilities as part of its finance application to extend credit to applicants.


Jiequhua provides revolving credit to individuals up to $50,000 for registered users. Credit is given on-demand and repaid in instalments.

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