Smart Collector

Intelligent and automated collection system

A big-data enabled collection planning and collection execution tool compliant with regulations. The intelligent system can readjust its collection strategy based on real-time data feed, massively reducing collection costs while improving collection efficiency. Reports are generated for the user after each collection cycle, and subject to collection policy, can be automatically passed on to external agencies. Routine collection activities are automated by the system on a 24 by 7 basis, driven by our AI Risk engine and without human intervention.

Product Features

Voice & SMS Collection management Highly configurable with pre-defined templates and can be tailored based on institution’s collection strategy, including selection between automated or operator collection methods, setting of timeframe, call hours and voice and text message construction.
Real-time collection management Supports payment deduction, payment exemption and customized labelling
Information capture & query Support capturing, storing of information on voice and SMS collection activities, repayment, external agency engagement and result, as well as filtering and reporting of info by type and other key variables of interest.
Operational reporting Supports comprehensive collection statistics reporting and data export
Connection to external agency Integration with external agency with auto-encryption of sensitive user information for privacy and security purposes

Product Advantages

  • Simple steps to setup collection with info encryption for privacy and security purposes
  • Omni-channel 24 by 7 collection, subject to policy definition
  • Reduced collection cost with automation and smart operator assist capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting against each collection activity and each user to meet regulations and performance analysis

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