Digital Lending Business & Product Design

Build the most competitive product and compliant with regulations

If you are thinking about starting a digital lending business, chances are you haven't done one before. Let us help you with business & product design and compliance by leveraging experience from doing 80+ engagements with banks and financial institutions in this space globally.

Service areas

Risk business design Top-level business design including enterprise architecture, business process design, to-be state blueprint design
Risk product & strategy consulting Assist to design your risk product from the ground-up, provide risk management strategy for pre-loans, quota and pricing strategy, and post-loan strategy with early-warning monitoring plan
Compliance consulting Tap into our knowledge-base to ensure your digital lending business is compliant with policy and regulations

Our Advantages

  • Know-how and insights from engagements with 93 financial institutes & 129 businesses in digital lending
  • Team with extensive experience in operating financial products globally

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